Breast Lifting
Breast lifting operation can be achieved by lifting procedure or with/without implant surgery. It is usually performed on patients who have breast sagging after weight loss or after pregnancies, or sometimes lack of skin can be the cause of breast sagging and this problem can be fixed with the breast lifting procedure.
Who is good candidate for breast lifting? (1/5)
This video is like a breast lift 101 class. It clarifies the possible reasons for a breast lifting operation such as breast ... Show More

Breast lift surgery procedures (2/5)
If you have decided to undergo breast lift surgery you are probably wondering which type of anesthesia will be used in your ... Show More

Types of breast lift techniques (3/5)
In this video you will acknowledge the common breast lift techniques one of which is vertical scar mammaplasty placing the ... Show More

Breast lift with implants (4/5)
Breast lifting surgery is the solution for saggy or droopy breast appearance and it gives your breasts a more youthful posi ... Show More

Recovery Period (5/5)
This video is all about your recovery period after your breast lifting surgery. Scars, redness, itching and puffiness aroun ... Show More

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