Hair Transplantation
Hair transplantation is performed to restore hair to areas of the scalp that are bald or that have thinning hair.
Hair Transplantation: Possible Risks And Complications (1/8)
The fat between your cheekbones and jaw bones in your face is called buccal fat and everybody has fat in this area. However ... Show More

Hair Transplantation: Available Techniques (2/8)
In this video, the doctor explains the recovery and down time for hair transplantation surgery. Is it normal to see some bl ... Show More

Hair Transplantation: Phases Of The Procedure (3/8)
In this video, Doctor Noyan tells the hair transplantation techniques. The oldest technique is FUT (Follicular Unit Transfe ... Show More

Hair Transplantation For Women (4/8)
What should be expected to experience and feel after the hair transplantation procedure? Which symptoms are natural results ... Show More

Hair Transplantation: How Effective Is Hair Transplant For Complete Bald Spots? (5/8)
This video explains another common question: How effective is hair transplantation to the bald spots? At the bald spots, th ... Show More

Hair Transplantation: What to expect after the hair transplantation surgery? (6/8)
Doctor Noyan explains the hair transplantation process for women and how it is a different issue for them. Sometimes women’ ... Show More

Hair Transplantation: Recovery Period And New Hair Growth (7/8)
In this video, the doctor reveals if the transplanted hair follicles can get thicker and on which factor of the donor area ... Show More

Hair Transplantation: Does Transplanted Hair Become Thicker Over Time? (8/8)
In this video, the risks and complications of hair transplantation get explained. We should keep in mind that there is no s ... Show More

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